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Broadway Bound Kids' Spring Concert and Fundraiser: No One Is Alone - April 24th 2023

Apr 12, 2023

Today we chat with Managing Director of Broadway Bound Kids, Lizzie McGuire to discuss their mission and upcoming Spring Concert and Fundraiser: No One Is Alone on April 24th at Chelsea Table & Stage in NYC.

HustleMania: Lizzie, thanks for joining us on our second and definitely not last post about Broadway Bound Kids. We appreciate and champion organizations like yours, that focus on community and youth. Can you tell us about Broadway Bound Kids' mission and how this Spring Concert and Fundraiser: No One Is Alone fits into that?

Lizzie McGuire: The core of BBK's mission is all about accessibility and inclusion. Truly day to day we as a staff discuss ways that we can continue to offer our students an accepting place, where they can feel safe to discover their true selves and make meaningful connections, and ways we can offer that to more and more students in need. That's why this Fundraiser is such an exciting event-- No One is Alone will celebrate our students (with our High School students from our Free Community Ensemble performing!!), and the notion that through the arts we can all find belonging.

HustleMania: This fundraiser is so important because it not only helps raise money and awareness about the organization, it also allows a platform for these young artists to showcase their abilities. What can attendees expect at the No One is Alone show, and what kind of talent will be featured?

Lizzie McGuire: Not only will our students perform, but folks will get to see (and hear) some of our fabulous Teaching Artists-- the angels that make it all happen. And last but not least we are featuring five Broadway Guest Stars who will perform songs and share how arts education impacted their lives. It'll be a great way to inspire not only the students present, but our whole community.

HustleMania: This is truly amazing. A proud and exciting moment for the students and for the teaching artists who worked so hard to put it all together. How can people get tickets? How are those who are unable to attend the event still support Broadway Bound Kids and its programs for young performers?

Lizzie McGuire: The event is great for any and all ages, and folks can get tickets-- both live AND Livestream!!- on our website. If people can't make it, we are hoping to raise $10,000 through our fundraising platform, GiveLively! So there are two great ways to support-- and we more than welcome all to participate in one if not both ways! To find tickets and the link to donate please visit:

HustleMania: This makes it so accessible for people to be a part of this special evening. We encourage everyone to support in whatever way you can, HustleMania will be in attendance! Switching gears a little, can you share any success stories from past Broadway Bound Kids participants and how their involvement with the organization impacted their lives?

Lizzie McGuire: In truth, there are countless success stories-- each student we encounter has their own level of "success" be it that they become an actor professionally, or that they simply find a way to connect and come out of their shell. But there is a special one I can highlight now-- one of our Teaching Artists, Frankie, started with us when she was, I want to say, a 4th grader, and stayed in our Community Ensembles all the way through graduation. She then proceeded to attend university, and while there became interested in nonprofit development and support. On her own volition, based on the impact of our work, she decided to hold her own fundraiser through her school. Through this, she and BBK became connected again. Upon moving back to NY, she has now become one of our Teaching Artists-- a true A to Z story of how arts education can impact lives, and even careers as well!

HustleMania: This marvelous story is one of so many and we want to take the time here at HustleMania to thank all the staff, teaching artists, volunteers, supporters and of course the students, for all the hard work and dedication. Lastly, how can individuals or companies get involved with Broadway Bound Kids as sponsors or volunteers in the future?

Lizzie McGuire: We are always looking to build our community and expand our BBK family. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor or volunteer can email me anytime at

HustleMania: Lizzie, it has been truly a pleasure to speak with you today. We applaud all the efforts you and your team at BBK have done and it is echoed in your rapid success. We look forward to being at the show on April 24th and will continue to follow you on your journey. Thanks again.

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