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Welcome to a site that was created as a place to find information, use as a resource, locate a professional, share a story and most importantly help someone in some way. This is a place that celebrates and shares the stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners. They are the lifeblood of our communities.


The common thread is people wanting to do business with experts they trust. Our goal is connecting people with the services they need from trusted professionals. It will also be a place for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to come find experts to help them start, operate and excel in their businesses.

The members of this informal community of small businesses will also share the beauty of giving back to help bring up all people to thrive. To share our success with those in our communities in various charitable and philanthropic ways. This is a place of new ideas and trusted methods with the goal of being successful with the sincerity of helping others. Hope you find it useful. Feel free to reach out to me with anything business, site related, community related or even to share some ideas. Thanks for stopping by.

Michael Schiller


My name is Michael Schiller. 

I have enjoyed 20 years working in the Wealth Management, Financial Services and Insurance Industries. My career was shaped managing retirement plans and insurance for governmental entities, public sector unions and non-profits.

Specialties include retirement planning, investments, insurance options (life, health, property & casualty). In trying to provide services to these entities I found a lack of professionals offering expertise in various fields.

Over the past 5 years I have focused on partnering and creating new options for not only government and unions but also small business owners as well as individuals.


In working on this level I have also discovered the mission of growth also includes bringing the community up with you, so I try to partner with organizations and charities that share that mission to help them create awareness. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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