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Visceral Abstractions - Sex Ed 3.0 (UPDATED)

Jan 31, 2023

…a group of friends decided to finally manifest on stage what they only had dreamed in their heads. They booked a date and concocted a show, leaving subtlety and logic at the door. They dig deep, and with blood, sweat, tears, & laughter, they invite audiences along on the absurd journey we call life.

They are very excited to bring their newest production, Sex Ed 3.0 back to the House of Yes on February 1, 2, and 3.

Sex Ed is back in session! Toss the pamphlets, ditch the preconceptions, and prepare to pop that cherry as we bring a long overdue re-education on the birds and the bees, featuring warring sperm, flying vulvas, and dancing penises - a veritable sexual menagerie! 

Make sure to click below to check out the pics and videos from what we learned in class LAST NIGHT!

Event Name: Sex Ed 3.0: An Aerial and Puppetry Extravaganza

Event Description:

Visceral Abstractions is back for the first time since 2019 with a whole new production! Sex Ed 3.0 peeks into the sometimes complicated, often absurd journey from conception to sexual "maturity." A schooling by way of a three-act, large-scale puppetry extravaganza. Snickering is tolerated and encouraged. Part aerial acrobatics, part puppetry, part tolerable musical dance numbers, Sex Ed means to titillate and re-educate at the same time. Come prepared with questions. Class is session.

Featuring: Juanita CardenasThe Maine AttractionRyan Shinji MurrayTyler WestDana AbrassartTamara OchoaMaya ShahJon JoniEvil Hate Monkey, and Veronica Viper. 

Check Out of some of the Sex Education we got last night LIVE from the super VIP Se(x)ction at House of Yes, shout out to Jessica...

Backstreet isn't the only thing back apparently!

Maya showing us the ropes right here like a pro.

Check out some snaps 📸

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